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This Wiki is for the nations and facts of Bellum Malleum corresponding to the Future Tech Roleplay!


Rules: Keep your posts unbiased and non-provacative. No lying or "bending the truth" (Kind of self evident). Please follow proper grammar rules and spell check. Any OOC conversations from anywhere are not to be used in the Wiki as basis for a page. Turn those OOC things into IC actions before posting on the wiki. Applewhite/Nihilakh and Montau are judge and jury over these matters. They can and will edit any posts found to break these rules. Have a problem with this? Talk to them in Nation States or IRL. When editing a page, please explain your edit in the proper location. As per the requests of the region, Article Stubs are banned. If the page doesn't have enough information to be a full article, don't make it.

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